Ardell False Eyelashes 4 Pack Double Up 203

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Ardell False Eyelashes 4 Pack Double Up 203 (Pack of 1) for the UPC: 074764666901
Ardell False Eyelashes 4 Pack Double Up 203, 1 pack (4 pairs per pack)
MAKE YOURS A DOUBLE SHOT: This punchy flared strip lash features two-layered lashes for twice the impact and twice the fun for a more dramatic look. These fake lashes provide more volume, but a more realistic, dimensional appearance these designs are ideal for achieving a bold, beautiful look for sultry eye look resemble of Hollywood and Broadway glamours.
PREMIUM-GRADE FAUX STRIP LASHES: Ardell Double Up 203 Faux Lashes are presented inside a white tray that fits in an outer box with a see-through window and is all reusable, so they don't have to be thrown out after every use. These falsies are individually handcrafted, made of premium finest quality of natural hair where the cuticles are kept intact to create an ultra-bold look once applied.
FULL LASHES FOR A FLAWLESSLY BOLD, DRAMATIC LOOK: Ardell Double Up 203 Faux Lashes are extremely popular for giving perfect dramatic statements and a more intense look that's perfect for your smoldering smokey eye beauty looks without being too over the top. These fake lashes create an eye-opening, fuller look that's perfect for any occasion, and will add enviable volume and depth to your natural eyelashes. These bold beauties will surely transform your eyes in an instant!
INVISIBLE, ZERO SHEDDING STRIP LASH: These strip lash will seamlessly blend with your natural eyelashes for the most comfortable wear. Made to last long and secures your falsies so they won't easily fall off or tear. Pair it with Ardell Fake Strip Lash Adhesive and be assured that your lashes stay in place until you decide to take them off! You can party all night without worrying if you're falsies are still serving you right! Ships from Houston,TX Arrives in 3 Days