2 Pack - Zum, Body Mist Eucalyptus, 4 Fl Oz

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Zum, Body Mist Eucalyptus, 4 Fl Oz *** 2 Pack for the UPC: 663204241503
Bring In The Mist, Take Out The Funk! Strong Cooking Smells, Funky Pets, Teenagers These Odors Can Quickly Add Up And Overwhelm Even The Cleanest Of Spaces! But You Can Fight Back In A Healthy, Natural Way, Without Using Chemically Harmful Artificial Room Deodorizers. It Can Be Used As Both A Body Spray And An Air Freshener! Spray Away The Bad Karma With Zum Mist Made From 100 Percent Pure Essential Oils. Distilled From Various Flowers, Leaves, Buds, And Branches, Essential Oils Have Been Used For Centuries For Their Unique, Therapeutic Properties. The Enticing Smell Of Eucalyptus Essential Oil Is Said To Have An Expansive Effect That Can Be Both Calming And Invigorating. Easy To Use Just Shake And Give It A Shot. From Just A Light Misting, You'll Find Your Room, Locker, Or Gym Bag Smells So Much Better And You Can Once Again Breathe Freely. Ingredients Purified Water, Pure Essential Oils, Aloe And Vegetable Glycerin. Made In Usa
100% Pure Essential Oils
Spray Anywhere And Everywhere

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