Swisspers Premium Cosmetic Wedges - 32 ct

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Swisspers Premium Cosmetic Wedges - 32 ct (Pack of 1) for the UPC: 048341000754
Wipe it Away, Softly Removing makeup is often given little thought though it is an absolutely essential part of daily routine. The Swisspers Premium Cosmetic Wedges are cotton rounds that are made up of 100% cotton which gives it that extra softness. Cotton being a natural product works well for any skin type, even for the sensitive facial area. • 16 Jumbo Cosmetic Make-Up Application Wedges • Disposable • Comes in convenient reseal able bag These organic rounds are made available in large to small sizes. The interwoven layers and quilted for strength. These are more absorbent than synthetic and may be used to apply astringents, remove makeup and nail polish, as facial wash pad and even as baby care and for several other household uses. Just For You
Swisspers Cosmetics Wedges are excellent to help remove eye make-up with your remover cleanser.

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