The Nourisher Body Wash Vanilla Argan Oil Sweet Almond 16 oz

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The Nourisher Body Wash Vanilla Argan Oil Sweet Almond 16 oz (Pack of 1) for the UPC: 055086000345
At ApotheCARE Essentials, we create a modern, “Neo-Apothecary” world where the pure essence of natural ingredients are revered and experienced through a proven, scientific approach to deliver optimized beauty solutions. What is the Advanced ApotheCARE Approach? Our scientists follow this three-step approach that is essential in crafting every product we make for both hair and skin care. 1. Precise Selection of signature natural ingredients, known for their hair and skin benefits. 2. Phyto-Extraction Technique to extract the core essences of six plants – each recognized for a particular function. This unique blend incorporated into the foundation of each of our products consists of
The Nourisher moisturizing body wash removes impurities while delivering concentrated hydration for very dry skin
This vanilla body wash is infused with Natural Argan Oil of Morocco, Cold Pressed Sweet Almonds and hand pollinated Vanilla
Our unique enriching body wash for women formula optimizes skin care, ensuring gentle cleansing for soft, smooth skin
Inspired by nature and infused with potent ingredients, our paraben free body wash is dye free and has sulfate free cleansers Ships from Houston,TX Arrives in 2 Days